Sidebar Template

This is a sample implementation of Dokuwiki and the sidebar template.

The sidebar is a normal dokuwiki page with a specific name. Each namespace can have its own sidebar. If no sidebar is found for the current namespace (or the user does not have read access to the sidebar page), the sidebar for the closest antecedent namespace will be used. If still no sidebar pages can be found, the index page is shown for the current namespace.

In this example wiki there is no sidebar page for the root level, hence the wiki index is shown. The projects, tutorials & wiki namespaces all have navigate pages and will show those pages in the side bar. projects:project1:design also has a navigate page, but projects:project1 does not.

The sidebar can be placed in four different positions, as shown below:

inside + left inside + right outside + left outside + right
inside + left
as for this wiki
inside + right outside + left outside + right

The template itself is organised so that the sidebar comes after the wiki page contents. This ensures it will not interfere with external search engine catergorisation of the page or in the short summaries search engines provide.

Feel free to take a look around this wiki to get an idea of how the system works and to add any comments or requests to the Sidebar Discussion Page 2.


There are also instructions for adding a sidebar to older installations of dokuwiki which do not have templates - that is versions prior to 7-May-2005.


27 Jan, 2009
Some Fixes, footnote background, license para background
Add sidebar class to body when sidebar is showing
Make sidebar width adjustable in configuration settings
25 Jan, 2009
Sync files to recent changes in DokuWiki dev version in preparation for upcoming release
25 Dec, 2008
Sync files to those in DokuWiki release
01 Oct, 2006
Version provided for DokuWiki release candidate (rc2006-09-28)
Minor changes to sync CSS files with those in DokuWiki release candidate (DO NOT attempt to use this version with the any earlier production releases of DokuWiki)
19 Jun, 2006
Minor changes to better sync CSS files with those in DokuWiki release
06 Mar, 2006
Updated to recent DokuWiki release (2006-03-05 & 2006-03-09)
22 Sep, 2005
Updated to recent DokuWiki release (2005-09-19)
now supports subscription button.
fix tpl_pagetitle() problem
12 Sep, 2005
Provide missing tpl_pagetitle() function (its in devel version of Dokuwiki but not release version)
08 Sep, 2005
Added support for search index function (if available).
29 Jul, 2005
Template brought into line with darcs updates to default dokuwiki template.
No changes to sidebar.
15 Jul, 2005
Enable/Disable setting added
Template brought into line with updates to default dokuwiki template
14 Jun, 2005
ACL support added
06 Jun, 2005
Revised and updated
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